Early Childhood


Early Childhood - Pre-Kindergarten

In our newly renovated Pre-Kindergarten classroom our Pre-K students will focus on  more than just developing their communication and language skills and kindergarten readiness.  Our Lady of Wisdom's Pre-Kindergarten program offers a comprehensive curriculum that includes reading, writing, science, social studies, and religion in a developmentally appropriate instructional environment. 

Our curriculum empowers our Pre-K students with self-confidence to develop their God given potential and to encourage the love of learning through discovery.

Your child's Pre-Kindergarten experience at OLOW includes, but is not limited to:

  • Hands-on Science exploration program
  • Technology
  • Foreign Language (Spanish)
  • Special Areas (Music, Physical Education, Art)
  • Inclusion in school-wide enrichment activities & Masses
  • 8th Grade Buddies for classroom activities and Masses
  • Pre-K Classroom is immersed in early childhood literacy

Flexible Schedules: Both full and half-day programs are available

Personal Attention:  Our Pre-Kindergarten classroom has a full-time teacher and teacher aide. 

Subject exploration:  Pre-Kindergarten students participate in 1-2 specialty subjects per day. (Specialty subjects include foreign language, technology, music, art and physical education).

Mentor program: Pre-Kindergarten students are paired with an 8th grade "buddy".  Their "buddy" will serve as a mentor during the school year.  They will participate in special activities and projects together providing the young student with encouragement and confidence as they explore new things.  This in turn, provides our 8th graders with a sense of responsibility further developing their character, compassion and values.

Experts in education agree that a high quality full day Pre-K experience, such as Our Lady of Wisdom’s, has positive long lasting educational benefits that continue throughout the elementary years.   To explore our Academic programs in grades K-8 click here.

Pre-K Hands-On Science Program

Our Pre-K science program is offered to all 3 and 4 year old children.

Our Hands on Science Program introduces preschoolers to the joys of learning with fun, engaging activities and age-appropriate science that start them on their way toward success in learning.

Classes are one- hour in length.  Students learn through hands on participation and discovery.

Classes are held monthly during the school year.  (Click 
here for our Fall 2015 Class schedule and topics.

Examples of prior class topics:

September An Apple a Day
October Pumpkins
November Bats
December Amazing Sharks
January Amazing Water
February Insect Lives
March Busy as a Bee
A Butterfly is Born
May A Life in the Sea
June Bubbles, Bubbles Everywhere