Mission Statement

The mission of Our Lady of Wisdom Regional Catholic School is to ensure that each student receives the highest quality Catholic education.  The knowledge and skills our students gain through technology and critical thinking inspire them to recognize the need to pursue high standards.  This allows them to achieve personal excellence and success while becoming lifelong learners.  Our administration and faculty are dedicated to lead each student through a personal journey of faith and education, encouraging all students to reach their God given potential.



Belief Statement

We believe that our greatest mission is to communicate and live the gospel of Jesus

We believe in teaching God’s children to live, speak, and act as Christians

We believe Mass attendance and daily prayer enrich every aspect of our lives

We believe each child is a unique individual with both strengths and weaknesses

We believe in empowering our students with self-confidence so that they may become valuable members of our school community

We believe in instructional practices that reflect the learning styles and needs of our students making personal achievement and success attainable.

We believe community growth develops through mutual respect and understanding of different people and cultures.

We believe our students will develop into positive leaders of the future who contribute to society through self-discipline and tolerance of others