Choosing a Catholic Education

The world changes rapidly.  The challenges this generation will face are far different and more complex than those of years past.  Cultivating moral character and strong Catholic values are more important now than ever. Families that consider Catholic school know that the values that they instill in their home will be taught and lived at school.  It is these values that build strong moral character, deepen their relationship with Jesus Christ and connect a child’s faith to their daily lives.  Catholic schools instill a self-confidence and self-worth that will enable our students to make better choices and develop into positive leaders of the future.

As a parent, you always want what’s best for your child.  As a school we will always strive for academic excellence.  As a Catholic school we will not only educate the mind, we nurture the soul.  A Catholic school couples superior academics with strong Catholic values and morals.

Catholic school is designed to make a difference in the life of every student.

A Catholic school is an extension of your family. The students of Our Lady of Wisdom are nurtured and supported in a smaller learning community.  We welcome you to explore what the OLOW family has to offer your family.  
The links below contain statistics and information provided by NCEA (National Catholic Education Association) and LI Catholic Elementary Schools.

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