Research shows that children in a full-day high quality Preschool/Pre-k program:

Have advantages over their part time/day care placed peers in cognitive, social, and linguistic abilities that are long lasting.

Develop vocabulary and literacy skills earlier.

Attain higher achievement scores in both verbal and math abilities.

Full day Pre-k programs have positive influences on everything educational from attendance to standardized tests and everything in-between

3 Year Old Program   4 Year Old Program
Your child will learn through play and exploration, movement and song, and hands-on activities.

Literacy rich environment that offers experience with pre-academic concepts.

Introduction to science in a highly engaging and hands on experience through our “Preschool Science Program”.

6th grade “buddies” will be on hand for help and fun

Your 3 year old will develop friendships as they play in established play areas that enable role play and foster social-emotional growth and cultivate their fine and gross motor skill development.
  Is standards based and includes all academic disciplines.

Provides hands on learning experiences as they are introduced to reading and early literacy skills.

Utilizes the well known “Handwriting Without Tears” writing program
Provide first concepts in Social Studies and Science. In addition to Spanish and technology.

8th grade “buddies” will engage in classroom social experiences