Summer Work

       June 2019
Hello Fourth Graders!

I’m so happy to have you in my class next year! Fourth grade is such an exciting time. I can promise you will learn so much by next June. There are already lots of fun and interesting lessons, activities and projects planned for you during the upcoming school year. In fourth grade your reading and writing skills will get better and better, plus you will memorize your multiplication and division facts!

Here is your first bit of homework for fourth grade:

            Each week of July and August you are required to read 40 pages of a grade level chapter book. The novels you read are your choice and how you break up the pages you read are up to you as well. You can read 10 pages for four days or 20 pages for two days etc…Don’t attempt to read all 40 pages in one day; this task will help you with time management and responsibility. As you read you are required to write the name of the book and the pages read on your attached reading logs (Diary of a Wimpy Kid 56-67) and have your parent or guardian sign each day you log.  Book suggestions can be found at: Scholastic Book List

           Please pick one fiction book from your reading log for the book report. The directions for this book report are on the book report sheet. Please answer the questions in your best cursive handwriting.

            It is required that you read one biography this summer and complete a book report about the person you chose. The Who Was series has plenty of appropriate grade level biographies for you to choose from. Pick someone who will be interesting for you to learn about! When answering the questions for the biography book report I ask that again you write in your neatest cursive. You will see blank squares on the book report; these are opportunities for you to draw a picture of what you are writing about.

            Please remember that this is your first assignment in fourth grade, you should put in your very best effort! The book reports and the reading logs can be accessed under "Book Report File" to the left. 

Looking forward to September!

Mrs. Hine