Find out what our families and students are saying:
¿Qué dicen las familias?
My decision to send my children to OLOW was based almost solely on the students I saw when I walked into the building for an open house. Well mannered, well spoken young men and ladies. After being here for 5 years, my reasons for continuing to send them here are obviously based on different factors- Most importantly, the catholic education they receive cannot be compared to a public school. It means so much that they pray each day, they respect and care about their classmates and teachers. The older students look out for the youngsters, and it is safe to say every child in the school knows one another. The teachers, principal and nurse are phenomenal, as well as the dedicated parent volunteers who run or help out with clubs and programs. It sounds cliche, but OLOW truly is like a family. I can't imagine my children anywhere else.

Our son attends OLOW , we started mid year so things were in full swing and yet from the principal to the teacher, nurse and very welcoming families, they made the transition easy for us....what can I write .. when a 7 year old gets up and is so eager to go to school says it all...smiles going in smiles going out. and we can talk academics he is learning more and new things, he isn't just a number in a class being pushed from one class to another, his teacher is very in tune with her children she see's them as individuals and each needing different things, they aren't a number they are who they are and allowed to be and that's big for us... thank you Mrs B first grade for doing what you do !!

I am a former student from OLOW and I am extremely grateful that my parents decided to send me here. I have made lasting friendships with classmates, teachers and faculty. I truly enjoyed the small school atmosphere because I felt like I was given more attention/help when needed and OLOW became my family, where everyone knew my name. I always feel welcomed back when I go to visit. This school has given me many memories and provided me with many opportunities to succeed in high school, college and beyond. I believe that the faculty and staff at OLOW work extremely hard to make sure parents and students are given the support they need. OLOW is constantly looking for ways to be better than the year before, and they always have their students and parents in mind. As I walk through the halls as an alumni, a lot has changed, but one thing has always remained the same, the love, hard work and dedication these teachers and faculty members have for their students.

This is our first year at OLOW, the staff, students and parents welcomed our family with open arms. My son immediately made friends, started to enjoy school again and was excited to get onto the bus and start his day. We came from a horrible experience in public school where the classes were too big and the teacher spent their day herding the masses, not teaching the lessons. At Our Lady of Wisdom, there is much more structure, discipline and understanding by the staff. The children are better behaved and are academically focused. There is always a social activity for the kids or an event for the parents. The sense of community is unmatched in the public sector. I am so thankful to have found OLOW, my sons life will forever be changed and enlightened by this school. I would recommend it to anyone who wants their children to grow up healthy, caring, respectful and knowledgeable on life, academics and faith.

We are the parents of two children who are about to complete their first year at OLOW. My children are reading, writing and excelling in math way above their public school counterparts. They are also learning cursive which their public school friends are not. Their second grade teacher is kind-hearted and simply fantastic! They have had a loving environment and are learning our Catholic faith on a daily basis which has been a blessing both to them and our whole family. The OLOW families believe in their pastors, school board, principal and teachers. We have had a great year and are looking forward to another great one next year! GO OLOW!!!!!!

I am a graduate of the Class of 2016.  Upon arriving to OLOW in September of 2012, I had numerous wonderful experiences with my new teacher and classmates.  I was fortunate to receive the academic attention and help that I needed.  Almost every day before and after school, Mrs Schiavo worked with me to get me back up to where I needed to be.  Yes, it was a very tough journey for me, but my reading and writing abilities improved steadily and quickly with each school year that passed.  Then, in 8th grade, Mrs. Iasso helped me so much, again, by spending time with me after school at extra help and preparing me for the transition to high school.  Even though I'm no longer enrolled at OLOW, the community and family feeling that has been created between us all is something that cannot be broken and definitely will never change. Our Lady of Wisdom is a school that becomes a home no matter how long you attend and I can honestly say no matter where my life takes me, Our Lady Of Wisdom will always be a home to me.