2nd Grade


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Mrs. Small

Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta

Unit 6

Unit 6 is all about "Flat Stanley" and the USA. We began by reading the Flat Stanley,The Original Adventure. We have been playing an App called on the I-pads called "Flat Stanley and the States" to help us learn our geography and the added bonus of spelling the states. We continue to learn our geography through researching many of our states, and answering a "State" question using the map for our morning work. In Science, We have been studying the Earth's resources with special focus on the different regions in America. In ELA, we have been learning about quotes, abbreviations, and commas, All of which we find in our Flat Stanley novels. We are now reading Flat Stanley and the Magic Lamp.  Once finished we will enjoy "Center" all centered around Flat Stanley. We will measure him, make him into a kite, solve math word problems with him, write journal entries, do some word work with letters, and make a timeline of events from the story.Flat Stanley  takes a journey to meet our friends and family and shares highlights of his visits. This is a fun way to end our school year!!!


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