Cindy Rahner

**ARTie our OLOW 2017 Scarecrow contest entry is happy to be at home on display at Stonybrook Village Center! He was created by the OLOW Art Club students in grades PreK-6. They pretended they were ARTie while making many "paintings" ARTie would likely create. ARTie's "paintings" range from his view of the crows he scares away, his prom night, the Mona Lisa, and other beautiful framed artworks. He is holding his artist tools of a paint palette & paintbrushes. Come say hi to ARTie right in front of the Stonybrook Village Center Post Office. Vote for him October 2-26 by picking up a ballot in any Village Center store ( give the salesperson your completed ballot). Thanks for making ARTie even more happy by voting! 

-Mrs. Rahner

 ***Check your Grade level Homework page regularly for recent info about class homework. 

***Please be sure you bring your completed ART KIT in to Art class each day. Some Art students are still missing the required Art Kits during our Art classes. Refer to the ART CLASS K-8 Supply List on main Art Class Page. I will also send a reminder note home to all students. Thanks so much!

***Extra help is available Friday afternoons 2:30-3pm (by appointment) for Art students who need to make up work due to absences etc. Please email me in advance to set up extra help time if need be. ( Thanks!

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I love teaching Art to children! I'm happy to be the Art Teacher at Our Lady of Wisdom Regional School. I teach a variety of Art media and encourage my students to explore their creativity. 


I also teach as the Ceramics Director each summer at Sunrise Day Camp (teaching children with cancer and their siblings). It's wonderful to get to be with these incredibly positive children every summer. They appreciate each moment and encourage everyone to do the same. 


I enjoy teaching all types of Art. I'm excited about many painting, collage, and printmaking projects my students will be working on. I'm looking into opportunities to exhibit student artwork in our local community. This is a wonderful way to get my students to appreciate all the aspects of being an artist.