Mrs. Iasso's Class Pages: ELA and Social Studies
ALERT:  When picking up books at BOCES this summer, you may notice that the Vocabulary for Success workbook is a grade level ahead of the grade your child will be entering in September. THIS IS OKAY--I PROMISE!! I intentionally ordered the books this way because, while this is a great series, many of the words were too easy for the grade level marked. Therefore Vocabulary for Success vocabulary books SHOULD be a grade ahead and you should receive books as follows:

6th graders receive the 7th grade edition
7th graders receive the 8th grade edition
8th graders receive the 9th grade edition

This is the only book that breaks from the norm. 

Thanks and have a happy rest-of-the-summer!  


Welcome to my webpage!  Below are some policies,  schedules, contact information and a little bit of information about me. I hope you find this information helpful.  

Students are given homework almost every night. Even though I write the homework on the board in class and explain it, I still encourage students to come to my webpage and check the calendar, just in case they didn't hear something, or if they need further clarification--my calendar pages are usually more detailed then student agendas. 

Extra Help:
My extra help sessions are offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school. Pick up time is 3:20.  I also offer extra help during recess on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.  This works well when the weather is nice.  When we have indoor recess, I am assigned to recess duty in my classroom, so just know that help then is minimal at best,  as I have to keep an eye on lots of other students. 

For after school extra help, students MUST give their homeroom teacher a parent note that permits them to stay after. No note is needed to come to extra help during recess.  I do have a sign up sheet that I encourage students to use so that I am prepared with the materials they need for extra help and so that I can avoid having more than 2-3 students present for extra help.

When returning from school for ANY kind of absence, students are required by law to submit a  note from a parent stating the reason for the absence.  This note must be kept on file by the homeroom teachers, so we ask that parents refrain from e-mailing and dropping notes off in the office.  A handwritten note is the most efficient way to handle this to allow the school to adhere to NYS law.  

I strongly encourage students to attend extra help after returning from an absence. I encourage it because lost instructional/lesson time can never be made up during class time as the rest of the class has moved on to subsequent lessons. Even though I explain that these extra help sessions might only be 10 minutes long, admittedly, most of the students returning from absences don't often come to extra help.   I cannot require a student to come to extra help, but parents can.  With this in mind, if a parent wishes to require a child come to extra help after an absence, please e-mail me or jot a note to the homeroom teacher on the absent note so that I know to  pick your child up after lunch.  Even with the best intentions, given a beautiful day and 50 other kids to socialize with, kids do forget their responsibilities, so I doubt any one of them would mind if I met them in the cafeteria or on the recess yard. 

My e-mail address is:  I will typically answer e-mails within 24 hours.  On some days, my class schedule does not allow me to check my e-mail all day, so if you have  something  that requires attention before the end of a school day,  please leave a message with the front office. 

  A Little About Me

I have been teaching at OLOW for almost two years.  While most of my experience prior to coming to OLOW was in working with K-6 students, I am delighted to say that I really enjoy working with middle school students best of all--or perhaps it's just OLOW middle school students that make my job so much fun! I live right here in Port Jefferson, and I have three kids in high school and beyond, an awesome husband, and a cat.  I am a parishioner at Infant Jesus and read at 5 o'clock mass about every third Saturday. I enjoy bumping into my students at mass, so please stop by and say hello if you see me!  Teaching and living in Port  Jefferson allows me to pursue some of my personal interests in the warmer months, especially gardening, cycling, kayaking, and reading on my porch. Being outdoors allows me to notice and reflect on some of the incredible things that God has made and allows me the joy of experiencing gratitude towards God and all that he has given me.  During the colder months, my free time  goes like this:  plan, grade, exercise, cook, clean; repeat.   At these times, I am grateful that I have a terrific family and that my students make me smile each and every day. Life is good when there is gratitude in it, and I hope to instill a sense of gratitude in my students. 

 I also hope that my students feel comfortable enough in my classroom to take risks in their work so that they stretch and grow as readers, writers, and thinkers.  This last item is by far my most important goal.   Therefore, if a student does not feel comfortable in class because of something another student is doing in my classroom, or even something I have done,  I encourage that student to come to me outside of class, so that  I can work to make things better for you and perhaps others.