​Mrs. Colleen Keany

The 8th Grade has done a great job creating websites on  Thank you so much for your hard work!

Madeline -  MJK                                             Alivia -  Gymnastics

Chloe - Chloe's Makeup Guide                         Claire -   New York City

Giuliana - Amalfi Coast                                   David -   Hockey

Michael - Ireland                                            Alyssa - Broadway 

Fifth Grade learned how to create their own animated GIF's during January.  Using 100 frames, each student had the ability to create a moving image based upon their own creativity and imagination.  

Michaela -  Horse Walking       Jade - City of Animation                   Saadia - Park Aniimationb

Delaney - Animation                Tyler - Volcano Animation                Chris - Animation

6th Grade Shark Track using Google Slides via the Google Classroom platform.                       

Kyle - Manhattan
Seventh Grade Adobe Photoshop Travel Posters