Projects, Reports, and Spelling/Vocab List

Rows & Piles Spelling 
Week of Oct. 10, 2017
1. proud
2. shower
3. hour
4. amount    
5. voyage    
6. choice     
7. avoid    
8. thousand   
9. prowl    
10. employ
11. bounce
12. poison
13. annoy
14. appoint
15. broil

October Character Book Report Project

Due October 26, 2017

Part #1:

After you have read a book of your choice, pick your favorite character. Think of your character’s traits (personality and physical traits). Then select one of the choices below to complete and bring in NO LATER THAN OCTOBER 26th.

Make a mask of your character.

How to make your mask:

1. Use a study paper plate to create the face of your character

2. Cut out the eyes (for the mask)

3. Decide on how you will wear your mask. You may attach a rubber band, ribbon or string to the paper plate so you can wear your mask.

4. Decorate your mask to look like your character

5. Be creative! Use puffy paints, ribbons, yarn, paint, fabric and more.


Decorate a pumpkin like your character

Choose a small pie sized pumpkin-not too small but not too big. Students must be able to carry it to school. Students can use a foam or plastic pumpkin. (You can purchase a foam/plastic pumpkin at Wal-Mart, Target, Michaels, Jo-Ann’s) or students can use a real pumpkin.

  1. Pick your favorite character from the book and decorate a pumpkin to look like the chosen character. DO NOT CARVE the pumpkin! You can draw, paint, and glue things on the pumpkins. Be creative and have fun with it.




Part 2:

You will share your projects in class. Please be prepared to tell: Why you chose your character? What was something interesting about the character you chose for your mask?

Students will then need to complete the attached book report. The book report portion needs to have correct capitalization and punctuation.




Name___________________________          #___

Character Book Report                         Oct 26, 2017



Title: _________________________________________

Author: ______________________________________________

Main Character(s): __________________________________________________________________________________

Setting: (time and place) _________________________________________


Plot/Theme: (1-2 sentences about the story ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________­­­­________________________