Research Report



Let’s Get Started!

• First, get to know about your inventor.  Read as much information as you can find.

• As you’re reading about your invention, take notes on key information, such as what the invention does, who invented it, when it was invented, and how this invention helped people.  Use your Research Packet to record your information.

Structure of the Inventor and Invention Research Paper

• Start your report with an introductory paragraph that states the main ideas that you will be writing about.

• Write at least 4 to 5 paragraphs that clearly describe your invention. 

• Make sure you end your report with a complete conclusion that summarizes your main ideas.

Topics to Research and Include

 in the Research Paper

• Each paragraph should cover one topic listed below.

• Try to answer as many of the following questions as you can:

Topic #1: What Does the Invention Do?

• Clearly explain what the invention does and how it can be used. 

• Is it used for communication, transportation, fun, food, medicine science, or something else?

Topic #2: When was it invented?

• Give the date of the invention, and the date of the patent if there is one.

Topic #3: Who Invented It?

• Who was the inventor? 

• When did this inventor live?

• How was this inventor educated?

• Where did he/she live?

• If you can find out, tell why the inventor wanted to invent this invention. 

• Did this inventor invent other things?

Topic #4: What Other Inventions Led Up To This Invention?

• Describe the earlier inventions that led to this invention.  For example, after the first traffic signal was invented, another inventor made improvements to the signal to help improve safety.

Topic #5: What Is The Importance Of The Invention?

• Explain why the invention is important. 

• Has it saved lives, helped transportation, simplified communication, increased the food supply, or is it simply fun? 

• Has it been improved upon since it was invented?

• Did it lead to other inventions?

Jan 17                Pushing Up the Sky

1. unhappy

2. misspell

3. rewrite

4. recall

5. dislike

6. unroll

7. disappear

8. replace

9. unknown

10. unload



11. mislead

12. dishonest

13. mistake

14. disagree

15. react

16. nonsense

17. nonstop

18. disappoint

19. a lot

20. discourage











Prudy’s Problem  Nov 26, 2018

Spelling Words

1. sunglasses

2. football

3. homework

4. haircut

5. popcorn

6. railroad

7. snowstorm

8. earring

9. scarecrow

10. blueberry

11. butterflies

12. lawnmower

13. campground

14. sandbox

15. toothbrush

16. present

17. Advent

18. Christmas

19. elf

20. December




1.  butterflies- insects with thin bodies and four wings

2.  collection -a group of things  

3.  enormous  very, very large; huge

4.  scattered -separated and going in different directions

5.  shoelaces-  string or cord used to tie shoes

6.  strain- to draw tightly; to stretch too much




Charlie McButton            Sept. 7, 2018

1) happen

2) lettuce

3) basket

4) winter

5) sister

6) problem

7) supper

8) subject


9) lesson

10) spelling

11) napkin

12) collar

13) traffic

14) suggest

15) puppet

16) September